Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To School!

Slowly but surely everyone is starting the realize that summer vacation is quickly coming to a close. Soon trips to the beach and lounging around the house will be replaced by school days and homework. That means it's also time for back to school shopping. We at Clothes Less Traveled have got just what you need; our Back To School Room has all kinds of supplies that are necessary for both aspiring teachers and students who wish to be well prepared. We have even added a special rack of clothes containing many of the pieces necessary for a fantastic school uniform. We know you may not be as excited about wearing said uniform but at least we can help you get it at a more affordable cost. So stop on by and see our collection!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dollar Day Sale, Wednesday, July 24th

As we draw ever closer to finishing out the summer, we here at Clothes Less Traveled don't want to have to say goodbye to summer just yet! That's why we will be having one last extravaganza Wednesday, July 24th before we are forced to say goodbye to summer. This sale will see a majority of our store, short sleeve shirts, clearance racks, ties, belts, and so much more, reduced to a mere dollar! Bring all of your friends and enjoy a great shopping trip on us!

Items that will be $1:
Womens: Short Sleeve Shirts, Bras, Camis, Scarves
Girls: Short Sleeve Shirts, Shorts, Capris
Boys: Short Sleeve Shirts, Shorts, Belts, Ties
Junior: Short Sleeve Shirts, Shorts, Capris
Teen: Short Sleeve Shirts
Men: Short Sleeve Shirts, Ties, Belts

(This sale excludes yellow-tagged items; designer tagged items will be on sale for 50%!)

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