Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing John!

Once again some of the staff and volunteers from the store traveled to South Carolina to visit one of our favorite volunteers, John (seated in picture). He had some medical issues recently and sadly had to leave us to be closer to his family. We miss him!

John has been a regular volunteer for a long, long time. He was the "go to" guy when it came to almost everything to do with the store. There wasn't a job he wouldn't do if asked. If the store was open John was pretty much there... he knew what kind of food everyone liked, knew where all the goodies were stashed --- and he cared deeply, and still cares deeply, about everything CLT.

John is doing well. He appreciates all of our cards, good wishes, and visits! Keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Joyce Larson and Cindy Olander: January Above and Beyond winners!

Each month we choose one (or sometimes two) wonderful volunteers to be our "Above and Beyond" winners. They get some extra small perks, a lot of appreciation, maybe a hug or two and they get to choose a charity at the end of the year to receive a small grant in their name.

Joyce Larson and Cindy Olander are our January awardees.

Joyce and Cindy originally met at World’s Gym during a water aerobics class where they discovered they had a lot in common. They both were retired elementary school teachers who enjoyed swimming, volunteering and making new friends. Joyce had recently begun volunteering at CLT and shared with Cindy how much she had enjoyed her experience. Within a few weeks, Cindy signed up to volunteer at CLT and a friendship blossomed between these two very special ladies. They began volunteering on Wednesday and after finding two identical shirts in the fall seasonal wear at CLT decided they would start dressing during their volunteer time as twins. They have continued to shop for identical shirts to wear throughout the year and have had fun sharing this experience with staff and customers.

They have nicknamed themselves Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 which harkens back to their teaching days and their love for Dr. Seuss. Both Joyce and Cindy, expressed how volunteering at CLT has given them an opportunity to have give back to the community while making friends and having a lot of fun along the way. They enjoy volunteering at CLT because the “everyone is so friendly and helpful. Our efforts as volunteers are recognized and appreciated by the staff.

We have a lot of fun being able to joke around and have fun.” They have been volunteering for the past 9 months and have heard many positive comments from customers regarding how well the store is organized and how everyone goes out of their way to be helpful. Their matching shirts have been a fun addition to their volunteer time. Customers, other volunteers and staff look forward to seeing what these two creative ladies wear each time they come to volunteer.

Joyce  has been married to Scott for 37 years. She has two daughters-Sarah, 23, and Leslie, 27. She taught elementary school for 37 years and is now retired and is enjoying travelling, swimming and building puzzles.
Cindy has been married for 32 years to Ken. She has two children-Sarah 29, Jonathan 28, who is married to Lauren and has a grand dog-Sadie. Cindy taught third grade for 25 years. She is also retired and enjoys swimming, walking and being with friends. Her greatest joy comes from being with family.  

Thank you to these two special ladies who have brought their generous spirits and their fun, matching shirts to CLT! We all look forward to see what they wear next!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

She loves our prices!

emily-shopperWe caught up with Emily, one of our regular shoppers, in the Valentine's section. She was looking for cards and decor for her children to pass out at school.

Although she was looking for Valentine's items she had to look around and found party supplies for her son's pirate third birthday! She found brand new pirate balloons and maps. She told us she really likes our new party section because merchandise is easily displayed.

Like many of you, her favorite thing about CLT is the prices! She said her favorite find was a vintage toy for one of her three children called "Turn and Learn".