Friday, April 13, 2012

You never know what you'll find...

I stopped by the store to make a donation yesterday. Of course, I had to walk through the store to shop! First I visited the rug section that was highlighted in the weekly newsletter. There were some beautiful rugs, all sizes, colors, patterns... and they were NEW! Very reasonably priced. I had to come home and measure my rug spot and am hoping the rug I wanted, which will fit, will be there when I stop back by the store.

After checking out the rugs I wandered up to the section up front where holiday items and specials are highlighted. I discovered a ton of VHS movies on sale for 50 cents each. All the kids in my family love my movie selection... I have plenty of DVDs, but they seem to prefer the older VHS movies. I love it 'cause I can pick them up for next to nothing at the Clothes Less Traveled --- especially now when they're only 50 cents!

Then I scoped out the Mother's Day display. I found a beautiful book and a lovely heart for Mom. I decided to grab a basket (from CLT,  of course) and fill it with fun things for my mother. She's at an age where she has pretty much everything she wants so a basket with meaningful things might be just the ticket. I hope so!

I turned around and did a double-take when I saw a gazillion stuffed bears staring at me. OK, maybe not a gazillion, but there are a lot of bears! Bear collectors are sure to find something to take home.

Another cool grouping that I enjoyed looking at was the porcelain dolls. I had no idea there were so many in the store. What little girl (or older gal) wouldn't love to have a beautiful doll? The prices are great and the dolls are in great condition --- perfect for any collection.

Oh, almost forgot... I bought a shirt on the last-chance rack for a dollar. Yep, it was only a dollar. It's an ever-changing rack and I always take a quick peek.

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