Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Half off on books today!

As most of you know, every Wednesday we hold a sale. Usually it's half off one or more things in the store. Today there's a long list (see below), one of them being paperback books.

I'm an avid reader. In fact I call myself a readaholic. My habit started young - I'd put the covers over my head and read with a flashlight after my Mom made me turn the lights out. I'm an eclectic reader and will read almost anything, some things only in desperation.

Volunteering at the Clothes Less Traveled (CLT) and stopping in to shop fairly often, I love their book section. It is neat and organized. The books are in great condition. I frequent other thrift stores as I travel around and have to brag on the books at CLT. At most places, if not all I've been into, the books are just stuck in a haphazard manner somewhere in the store. Sometimes they're just stacked or tossed in containers. When they're shelved they aren't separated into types or organized in any way.

Not so at CLT. They have the paperbacks alphabetical by author. They categorize books into fiction, religion, history or whatever. It makes it SO much easier to find my favorite author or type book. I have found some treasures, too.

OK, enough on bragging about the book section. It's only one part of this fabulous store!

Today's sale:

50% off:
-All Vases (excludes Easter)
-All Plus Size Pants, Skirts, & Shorts
-All Women's Active Wear
-All Men's Short Sleeve Collar Shirts
-Paperback/Chapter books (excludes kids books with price code, rare/up-priced books, and Easter)

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