Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A sprinkle of magic at the Clothes Less Traveled...

Maybe I should say a whirl or swirl of magic? a choppy magic? Oh, shoot, it's just a silly little bit of magic that seems to happen fairly often at the Clothes Less Traveled.

I'd bet you're scratching your head wondering what in the world I'm blathering on about... magic?

I just gave a bit lead up to something that I've discovered is rather passe at the Clothes Less Traveled.

What, what, what???

I rather like the build up. I could go on, and on, but here goes...

Last Saturday I volunteered at the store as I do each month. It's always fun working with all the great volunteers and staff. We cut up yet we work fast. At some point we got into a conversation about food, I don't even remember the context. Someone started talking about making milk shakes or something along those lines and Jennie, the store manager extraordinaire, said she had a Magic Bullet.

Me? I'd never heard of a Magic Bullet, but I wanted it, whatever it was, just because of the name. They knew there would be people out there like me when they named the thing.

Someone else piped up and said they had one, loved it, used it all the time.

I soon learned that a Magic Bullet is a gadget that allows you to make salsa, milk shakes, chop things, and do magic with food easily. You throw your ingredients inside a cup, pop it on top of the motor part, push and voila, you have whatever it is you want. I love gadgets, especially ones that are easy to clean and do what they're supposed to do.

After hearing all the wonderful things this little magic thing could do I really wanted one. Sadly, there wasn't one in the store for me to take home.

Luckily, the Clothes Less Traveled keeps a book up front, a 'wish list' of sorts. My request went into the magic book. I went home wishing I had one, wondering how long it would be before one showed up, if ever.

I didn't have to wait long. Monday, yes, Monday, I received a call. They had just had a Magic Bullet donated and it looked like it was practically brand new. It had all the little gizmos and booklets that come with a brand new Magic Bullet. Imagine my surprise. The store is closed on Sunday so Monday was the next business day. Magic.

So, now I have a Magic Bullet (MB). It's in the dishwasher (not the motorized part) and just as soon as I fill up the dishwasher and run the cycle, I'm going to try that thing and see what a mess I can make. I went grocery shopping today and bought all kinds of things that can be tossed into the MB.

When I stopped by to pick it up I talked with a number of staff / volunteers and cheerfully told them my magic tale. All of them had a similar tale.... which led me to understand that it's not magic, it's common place at the Clothes Less Traveled. The staff are magic. The people who donate to the store are magic.

I've decided next time I'm in the store that I'm going to put something else in the magic book. I don't know what yet, but I will come up with something good.

I wonder how many times I managed to get the word 'magic' in this blog? I'm not counting.

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