Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here a book, there a book...

Everywhere you look, a book, a book!

Yes, I'll never make money as a poet or even a bad rhymer. However, I do know books! I read constantly and am never without a book or two in the works.

The Clothes Less Traveled (CLT) has become one of my favorite places to buy a book. Most paperbacks are only a dollar (used, of course) and the selection can change by the hour. It all depends on who donates what, when. 

The store has a nice area set aside that's well organized, unlike many thrift store selections. I am not the kind of person who likes to go sorting through stacks of books that include every genre and type all mixed together. At CLT the fiction paperbacks are organized by author (not type) on neat shelves with dividers. They have sections for the trade paperbacks and hardcovers by type also, with a few regular paperbacks thrown in if they're topical.

They have a section of books that collectors and re-sellers might be interested in, too. Even if that's not something that interests you it is fun to see some of the old, old titles and get a taste of history.

CLT volunteers and staff cull through the donated books to make sure they're up to snuff prior to putting them on the shelf so in most cases all the books are in good to excellent condition.

For those who don't like to read, they have DVDs, CDs, and videos.

And, if you're looking for children's books, they have a lot of them!

I love to take the kids in and give them a few dollars, tell them to pick out whatever book or movie they'd like. They don't care that they're nicely used -- it's a fun, low cost, treat.  We all know how they're going to treat those books and DVDs anyway! Plus, they'll be tired of them in a week or month and then you can recycle them right back into the store.

I love getting my reading fix satisfied at CLT. I get to read and I get to feel good about where my money is going.

Go check out the book section - no telling what treasures you'll find!

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